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High access building & Roofing Repairs in Laurencekirk

Whether you are looking to have your gutters cleaned from leaves and dirt or even needing your guttering repaired or replaced, you can contact Truth Property Maintenance. We operate between Laurencekirk, Stone Haven, Montrose, Dundee & Aberdeen.

Cherry Pickers & High Access Works

Truth Property Maintenance have skilled IPAF qualified staff ready to help you with all of your high access building needs. High buildings and areas can be extremely difficult to access and carry out works on, using ladders and rope systems are time-consuming and dangerous, so let us help, with the use of cherry pickers and industrial scissor lifts to carry out any high-level works, from cleaning, painting and inspections to repairs and chimney works, up to 4 storeys in height.

Full Traffic Control Systems

Where public safety is a concern, we pride ourselves in our second to none, safety systems, with full traffic control systems implemented where necessary, with dedicated staff assigned to traffic and pedestrian control. All of our staff have achieved the necessary Health & Safety qualifications to ensure that they are aware of and can control all high access risks, with fully IPAF trained controllers for cherry picker use.

High Access Services

Masonry & Cladding

Property Inspections

Lighting Systems

Chimney Lining Installation

Aerial Replacement

Bird Proofing Systems


Roof Works

Building Surveys


Window Frames

Chimney Repair

Bird Proofing

Birds settling and nesting on and around your property can not only be a nuisance but can also become a danger to you and the public, once eggs hatch and chicks arrive. We offer humane solutions that discourage the birds from settling in your area and encourage them to return to their natural habitat. We can offer you a property survey, completely free of charge, to discuss your problems and determine the best plan of action to stop birds from causing you problems.

Bird Proofing Solutions

Bird Spikes

Bird Wire

Bird Proof Gel

Visual Deterrents

Audio Deterrents

Solar Panel Bird Proofing



'Urban' Gulls



Wild Birds

Free Property Survey

Whether your problem is at home, at the office or other workplace, we can provide a complete inspection to determine a suitable plan of action. We can discuss exactly what your problem is, and what the best course of action will be, providing you with a free no-obligation quotation to solve your problems. Call us today to arrange your site inspection, completely free of charge.

Property Maintenance in Laurencekirk, Dundee & Aberdeen

For all enquiries, please call us today and we will be happy to assist you or fill in your name and a message below and we will come back to you as soon as possible.

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