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Power washing & solar panel cleaning in Dundee

Truth Property Maintenance have our own trailer-mounted, diesel-powered, high-pressure washer with portable water supply ready to help you in Laurencekirk, Dundee & Aberdeen.

Specialist Power Washing Services

Truth Property Maintenance have our own trailer mounted, diesel powered, high pressure washer with portable water supply ready to help you where and when you need us. With specialist attachments for patios, decking and pathways as well as high powered chemical and non-chemical nozzles we can refresh even the most stubborn of areas, leaving everything looking as good as new.

High Access Power Washing

Need your works done at height? Not a problem when combined with our high access team ready to assist, with the use of our own cherry pickers, we can access roofing, solar panels, guttering, chimneys and anywhere that is normally difficult to reach, without the dangerous use of ladders or the messy, complicated use of long reach hoses.

Services Provided

Driveway & Path Cleaning

Building & Wall Washing

Chewing Gum Removal

Solar Panel Cleaning

Full Exterior House Cleaning

Patios & Decking


Graffiti Removal

Roof Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Many Solar Panel manufacturers and installers these days have made it a condition of the warranty, that proof of professional cleaning is required in order to validate your warranty. We at Truth Property Maintenance Ltd. have excellent procedures in place to ensure that your Solar Panels are cleaned to the highest standard. Clean Solar Panels are proven to work more efficiently with drastic improvements in performance compared to dirty, uncleaned panels. This all means that the cost of cleaning your Solar Panels is completely offset by the money you will save as a result of the clean.

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Up to 30% efficiency improvements.

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Industrial/Commercial Sites

Up to 60% efficiency improvements.

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Up to 20% efficiency improvements.

Are Solar Panels Self-Cleaning?

“Self-Cleaning” Solar Panels tend to have a Hydrophobic surface, which means water droplets cannot stick to the surface, but these can still leave a residue which will reduce your power output. As seen on your car windscreen around where the wipers do not reach, no matter what treatments you put on it. Also, no panels can prevent dust and bird mess build up, which also greatly reduces your power output. With Solar Panels wired in series, if one cell is shaded, it affects the whole panel.

Solar Panel Maintenance

With the use of cherry pickers, we are able to reach all areas of Solar Panels, no matter where they are located. We are also able to carry out any maintenance jobs required on the panels and the surrounding area while we are up there. 

High Level Light Cleaning

Gutter Clearance

Cladding Washing

Bird proofing

Sign Cleaning

And much more...

How we clean Solar Panels

Using our own Spider cherry picker, and our trailer mounted power washer with extendable brushes, and powerful lances, we are able to clean all shapes and sizes of Solar Panel, no matter where they are located. We also work as an Eco-Friendly company, meaning we do not use harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your Solar Panels. Our Power washer, brush and lance method with, minimal chemical use, leaves your panels sparkling clean and ready to soak up the suns rays, to their full potential.

Property Maintenance in Laurencekirk, Dundee & Aberdeen

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